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Multi-monitor configurations are not rare today, since quality LCD displays are now affordable. With the help of tools to control display environments on such systems, you can bring more convenience to your everyday work, reduce navigation times, and increase productivity.

NVIDIA nView is desktop management software for NVIDIA video cards. nView delivers an impressive range of tools from multiple display management and virtual desktops to always-on-top gridlines and an Extended Taskbar option. nView is available as standard with any driver package by NVIDIA starting from the version 310.70.

Originally created for multi-monitor configurations, the tool has grown to become an all-purpose graphics utility. The main function, of course, is managing multiple monitors. You can choose various modes for your monitors: clone mode, horizontal and vertical span, and the default DualView. Obviously, you don’t want dialog windows and messages that popup on the screen to be shown cut in half, and with nView you can specify where you want dialog boxes to appear – on a specific monitor, on the monitor of the currently active application, or on the monitor holding the mouse cursor.

Conveniently, the product offers individual user profiles to keep all multi-monitor settings. So if several persons work on a given computer, you don’t have to manually bring all settings back and forth every time. Simply switch the profile, and nView automatically restores your preferences.

A multitude of additional functions make the program useful and helpful even for single monitor system owners. Zoom of a given area on the screen, setting up hotkeys for quick windows management, virtual desktops to switch between in a snap – these are just few features. Importantly, nView settings can be also tailored to every specific application you run, since some older programs might not support all the features of latest NVIDIA drivers.

NVIDIA nView is a must-have toolbox for NVIDIA product users having single or multi-monitor systems. The program work on Windows Vista, 7, and 8 and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

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