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GOM Player is another free multimedia player packed with plenty of features, codecs, and effects. Armed with the ability to play virtually anything you feed to it, GOM Player delivers exactly what you expect from a decent player. AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV videos are played smoothly without any glitches at all. Video playback controls and playlist navigation are obvious and clear, and the whole interface comes across as solid and professional work. The program supports skins, which seems to be a standard for today’s media players.

In addition to fairly typical playback features, GOM Player includes many additional functions as well. These include video effects, video playback speed control, and a unique Codec Finder – a special tool for finding missing codecs a certain video file requires.

The advanced part of GOM Player’s functionality also includes playing of damaged or incomplete media files, custom keyboard and mouse shortcuts, remote control of the player through an iOS or Android device, and image and audio capturing. For instance, the Burst Capture option allows you to take a number of screenshots with a single key press.

Most of the options GOM Player offers are available through simple right-clicking in the main window. Though navigating through a long multi-level menu may be inconvenient sometimes, this doesn’t cause any serious hassle in fact. The only real drawback of the application is a third-party browser toolbar, which is reported to install without any alerting the user.

Overall, GOM Player is top-notch software highly acclaimed by its users. Despite some minor issues, this free media player can be recommended for installation as its video playback functionality is without equal.


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