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Nokia PC Suite
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Nokia PC Suite is meant for older Symbian and S40 phones.

Use Nokia PC Suite to move content between your phone and computer, and to get apps or the latest phone software.

Use Nokia PC Suite to sync info between your phone and computer programs, such as Office Outlook, to create multimedia messages, or to manage your phone’s calendar effortlessly on your computer. You can also connect your computer to the internet with the help of your phone.

To find out if your phone is compatible with Nokia PC Suite, check the instructions below on what you need to install Nokia PC Suite.

Got a Nokia Lumia phone? You can’t use Nokia PC Suite, but you can sync music, videos, and pictures, and get the latest phone updates with the Zune PC app or the Windows Phone app, depending on your phone model. For more info, see your phone’s user guide, or go to

Got a Nokia Asha phone (up to but not including Nokia Asha 500)? Download Nokia Suite to your computer.

Got a phone running on the Nokia Asha platform (from Nokia Asha 500 onwards)? Move your content to your computer using a USB cable and your computer’s file manager, and update your phone software over the air. For more info, see your phone’s support page at

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