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RegClean Pro promises to fix all those “blue screens of death”, performance drops, freezes, and crashes that happen for no explicit reason. Technically, the tool performs a deep clean up of the system registry and wipes out all that adversely affects the performance of your system.

Indeed, the system registry is a complex structure that is being used intensively by hundreds of applications and services every minute. No wonder it tends to get cluttered over time by applications leaving shadow keys and values, no longer used items, or even invalid registry entries. RegClean Pro tries to fix this by performing a thorough scan of the registry, locating all problems in it and repairing them.

The program detects registry problems related to Windows itself, COM and ActiveX issues, user related issues, and problems caused by startup and uninstall options. The scan can take quite a while, especially if your system hasn’t been maintained for a long time, but once RegClean Pro is done, it displays all registry errors it found in a clean and convenient list. One click of a button allows you to repair all problems at once, or you can switch to the advanced view with detailed description of each issue.

Aside from cleaning the registry from unnecessary or outdated items, RegClean Pro also defragments the registry boosting its performance even more. And for additional safety, you can perform a backup of the registry or restore from a previously created registry snapshot.

The interface of the app is genuinely simple. Literally a few clicks allow you to achieve your goal easily. At the same time some advanced capabilities are available too, as long as you are willing to spend some time on tweaking your system for maximum performance.

RegClean Pro is recommended for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. So if you suffer from slowdowns or unexpected glitches with your computer, try this program and experience that brand new PC feeling again.


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