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When it comes to our PC configurations we usually can’t tell much. Well, those IT geeks who seem to know everything about everything can. CPU, memory, hard drive space – that’s probably all you can name of the top of your head.

Speccy, a freeware system info tool, lets you feel like a geek without becoming one. The program lists detailed specifications of your PC including system CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics adapter, disk drives, peripherals, audio devices, and network info. Not only do you receive all this data in one place, but the information is extremely thorough and accurate providing you the best insight into the specs of your computer.

Speccy is genuinely friendly, although the interface of this type of app is very difficult to screw up. The interface is definitely not the key part of this tool; the functionality is. Indeed, Speccy is an amazing repository of information about hardware equipment. And while basic parameters are easily available through My Computer, other information like CPU temperature or HDD health data (S.M.A.R.T) is not that easy to obtain normally. In total, the program displays thousands of values that are split into 10 categories and the summary. For instance, for the motherboard, Speccy shows a chipset type and vendor, the number of available PCI slots, the system temperature, voltage, and other info.

Interestingly, with Speccy you can save and restore your system snapshot in XML format so you can share your PC specs with tech savvies for troubleshooting or for easy comparison.

Overall, an excellent value for its money – Specсy is free, but the author offers paid support plans for the tool – this little program is the kind of tools that downloads in a second, installs in a minute, and works for years.


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