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ACDSee is one of those venerable graphics tools on the market that seem to always exist. ACDSee started as a simple and lightning fast picture viewer and in 15 years evolved into a multifunctional Swiss knife stuffed with almost anything for viewing, managing, organizing, and editing pictures. With multiple options thrown in specially for photographers, ACDSee Pro tries to play in the same league as Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

Although packed with an impressive arsenal, ACDSee Pro has managed to keep its interface as simple as possible. Switching from viewing to editing, then, say, to organizing and back to viewing, is intuitive and plain. Taking into account what potential the tool has, being lightweight and straightforward interface is absolutely a must.

ACDSee is mostly famous for its blazing fast picture viewing and for good reason. Fullscreen images are loaded real-time, while a convenient filmstrip window allows for easy navigation in a large group of graphic files. The viewer isn’t an isolated tool; it interacts well with other parts of the program. For instance, a user can mark photos for editing, put one-click color tags for faster identification, or assign workflow steps.

Managing pictures is fast too. ACDSee Pro doesn’t organize photos into a library of some internal format but works with images directly from where they are. This leads to a drastic boost in performance and overall transparency of the process. A set of intelligent functions also makes browsing and managing your collection simpler. For example, you can start organizing photos as you import them from your camera or USB drive. And the powerful search tool allows you to quickly find the desired image based on its filename, metadata, color tag, rating, or even GPS location of the shot.

The editor inside is specially designed for photographers with many functions professional photo-editing tools have. Red eye removal, color adjustment, noise reduction, sharpening, and HDR – these are merely a few of the tools that can help to fix photographic errors. Advanced instruments like non-destructive brushes, Dodge and Burn tool, and Heal and Clone tool help you retouch problematic elements, correct exposure and white balance, or improve composition by directing attention to the main objects in the frame.

RAW format is supported by default, so ACDSee Pro is a nice starter for a beginner or intermediate photographer, though experienced specialists may prefer a dedicated solution instead. Overall ACDSee Pro is a huge pack of everything finished with a plain, yet stylish, interface. While it is inferior to pro players in some crucial elements, it is still fast, reasonably priced, and delightfully functional.


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