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COMODO Internet Security

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All-in-one security packages are here to deliver decent protection of our computer’s perimeter for an affordable price. Interestingly, free solutions are on par with premium security software now. Yes, when it comes to details they are less powerful and may offer not as many advanced settings, but for 98% of home users the range of provided capabilities is perhaps even wider than they actually need.

COMODO Internet Security is probably one of the younger players on the market yet very popular. This tool incorporates an antivirus to catch all kinds of viral software, trojans, worms, and malware; a firewall based on the well-known COMODO Firewall intercepting explicit and hidden web attacks; and an advanced antispyware unit to keep your personal information safe. And all this stuff is packed into a lovely interface.

A solid one-stop suite, COMODO Internet Security is equipped with all the modern security buzz words. Cloud-based virus scanning allows for quick detection of zero-day threats; the sandbox prevents malware from spreading by running suspicious apps in a closed virtual environment; harmful website filtering keeps your browsing safe; and the special Default Deny Protection means only white-listed and trusted applications can access your PC. Having the acclaimed COMODO Firewall inside, the suite provides first-class protection against web attacks, buffer overflows, hacking, and port scanning and prevents the activity of Internet worms. Even better, the firewall excellently does its job right from the start, without the need to pre-configure it or adjust any default settings.

And while giving you an outstanding shielding level, the program isn’t oblivious of your other needs. The suite utilizes available resources wisely, not overloading the system. Many operations are done with low priority in the background freeing CPU and RAM for more important tasks. And the special Game Mode automatically suppresses operations that can harm the gaming experience or slow down the performance of entertainment applications.

The interface of the program is really great. Every warning message in COMODO Internet Security is straightforward and lightning fast; every dialog is obvious and self-explanatory. Running a virus scan or changing the security level can be done in literally one or two clicks all the time. Visuals are equally great though not trying to hog the covers distracting you from what’s really important.

Unlike the traditional antivirus plus firewall combo, COMODO Internet Security provides a solid defense against computer dangers where every part of the suite works in close cooperation with every other as a well-oiled machine. And while complex solutions often tend to work “tempo comodo”, this is not the case here despite the name. A fast, reliable, functional, and free security package – that’s what COMODO is!

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