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ABBYY FineReader
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If you have a bunch of paper documents to scan, and you are looking for a way to digitize them into an editable form, look no further. ABBYY FineReader is a leading OCR solution capable of turning scans of documents, PDFs, and digital photos to searchable and editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, ePub, fb2, DjVu, HTML, Corel WordPerfect, and Writer.

This tool recognizes 189 languages with 99% accuracy and builds an output document retaining the layout and formatting of the source thanks to the Adaptive Document Reading Technology (ADRT). The high recognition accuracy is powered by an extremely intelligent, next generation OCR engine underlying ABBYY FineReader. The program recognizes text on rotated, tilted, and distorted images; can read multi-lingual documents; correctly deals with in-text images, columns, and diagrams; and keeps fonts, headers, and footnotes.

The percentage of correctly recognized words in a document depends on quality of the source image. ABBYY FineReader includes a number of cutting-edge image correction tools to compensate motion blur, ISO noise, distortion of the image, too high or too low contrast, and more. This greatly increases OCR efficiency and thus significantly reduces the time and effort needed to process documents compared to manual re-typing.

With a simple and well-designed interface, it is amazingly easy to scan a document and directly convert it to a searchable PDF or editable Word document. And the support for digital cameras allows you to digitize paper documents practically anywhere!

ABBY FineReader comes in multiple versions varying by price and functionality. What remains the same is efficiency and accuracy of the program.

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