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ESET Smart Security

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How many applications do you need to protect your computer from all kinds of threats? Five? Three? Not that many actually. You only need one – ESET Smart Security. This software suite incorporates a serious toolset for all-around security of your PC. Safer web surfing, maximum antivirus protection, parental control, and more – with this app you’ll feel like you’re in the toughest armor.

Underneath the light and clean interface there’s a plethora of functions to make your system run at maximum safety and performance. Antivirus detects and cures existing threats and protects your system from further infestation. Personal firewall keeps your system impenetrable from attacks from outside and stops malware and adware from exposing your private data. The online cloud-based ranking system ensures early detection of apps marked by other users as dangerous.

However, ESET Smart Security offers much more for the same price. With identity control features you can make sure all websites you visit are legitimate ones and are not fake or phishing. You can rest assured your data won’t be copied to unauthorized removable media including CD/DVD disks and USB sticks. Finally, ESET makes your PC invisible when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks.

Another spectacular option is the anti-theft function. The whole thing works just like an anti-theft alarm on your car. Whenever you lose your notebook or think it was stolen, you go to, sign in, and activate device tracking. ESET locks up the notebook, hides your accounts on it, and creates a fake one to protect your real login data. It also enables a camera on the device and sends a custom one-way message to the missing computer. In addition, you will be able to see where the stolen laptop is based on Wi-Fi networks in range.

System tweaking included in ESET Smart Security allows you to scan your system for bottlenecks and eliminate them with a click. Tweak scenarios allow you to force maximum performance which is essential for gaming, or set the PC to power-saving mode to stay online longer.

The parental control feature is absolutely necessary if you want to protect you kids from unwanted content online. Easy setup allows you to quickly choose which website categories you want your children to see and which ones you do not. And since the options are password protected, you can be sure your teenage kids won’t reset your settings and bypass parental control.

ESET Smart Security offers full-featured protection for your PC. Even though some features aren’t state of the art, the entire functionality and exceptional quality of every detail make this application a number one choice for home and business security.


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