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WinZip Registry Optimizer

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A relatively new player in the registry tweaker field, WinZip Registry Optimizer promises much: Improving the computer’s response time, cleaning and optimizing the system registry, preventing OS crashes, and even improving the overall performance of your PC. Brought to us by the authors of the award-winning WinZip compression tool, Registry Optimizer puts quality first.

Indeed, the interface of the program is welcome and easily readable: Here is the “Scan” button that runs the search for various discrepancies and unwanted elements in the Windows registry. Next to it is the “Optimize” button that is responsible for fixing errors and optimizing the structure of the registry files as well as defragmenting it. The “Backup registry” function is also important if you want to face possible problems forearmed. It is also a panic button if something goes wrong during the registry processing.

Most of the operations are performed by the program automatically, so you don’t have to stay by the monitor all day long while the program works. WinZip Registry Optimizer finds and fixes or eliminates broken and damaged registry items, repairs registry structure, removes deleted elements that are physically still in the registry file, and performs defragmentation of the registry for fast and stable work.

Many applications work with the registry, and many of them often leave traces and unnecessary residues in it, even after the app itself is uninstalled. This leads to the increased size of the registry and an overall drop of computer performance. Cleaning the garbage out from the registry can significantly improve the speed and stability of your PC operation.

The downside of the tool is its brashness. Basically the program bombards you with various warnings about registry errors the computer has and encourages you to buy the full version to clean them away. Not that it’s a bad thing after all, but no one likes to be blackmailed, whether those registry problems are real or not. Sometimes across the Web, WinZip Registry Optimizer is even referred as a virus!

Despite its everlasting attempts to sell, the tool is a decent registry cleaner to make your computer work better.


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