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Adobe Reader

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The PDF has become a de facto standard in business documentation. Science papers, software documentation, articles, e-books – the format is being exploited so widely that it is hard to imagine a person who has never heard about it.

While PDF is a touchstone for a document format, Adobe Reader is a top notch utility for reading PDF files. Free and fast, Adobe Reader is the only reader on the market capable of opening all types and versions of PDF formats. Viewing, searching, digitally signing, sharing, printing, and collaborating on electronic documents is easy and intuitive with Adobe Reader.

Aside from the basic reading of PDF documents, the program features a rich arsenal of editorial instruments including annotations, sticky notes, lines, shapes, and more. And thanks to the convenient signing option, you don’t have to print a document to sign it. A few clicks will place your scanned signature on the document or will import one from a graphic file. Digital signing by multiple persons is supported too.

Adobe Reader is the only product supporting the entire range of PDF capabilities including displaying various types of embedded content – videos, graphics, CAD designs, maps, and others. Filling out forms and searching for information in multiple PDF files is also extremely easy with the tool.

Adobe Reader is a multi-platform application, so you can enjoy reading PDF documents from anywhere: home, office, or from any handheld gadget, be that iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Years of perfection made Adobe Reader’s interface exceptionally intuitive to use, with all navigation controls right where you expect them to be. Scrolling, scaling, and panning a document is convenient and easy.

The bottom line is: Adobe Reader is not only a professional tool for all kinds of interaction with PDF files, it is a global standard for business documentation today as well. And it is free.


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