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Foxit Reader

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Foxit Reader is probably the most well-known and most advanced alternative to Adobe Reader. Despite what the name says, Foxit Reader is capable of much more than simple reading of PDF files. In fact, this application is a full-featured toolkit with virtually everything related to PDF files under its hood.

Designed for all categories of users from home to corporate, Foxit Reader creates, comments, views, searches, signs, and prints PDF documents with remarkable swiftness and ease. Unlike its main competitor, the program has a number of unique features Adobe Reader misses. For example, there is the tabbed interface that allows viewing or creating several PDF documents simultaneously, the built-in protection against harmful or unsafe documents, and several commenting tools the original product also lacks.

Creating PDFs is perhaps the focal point of Foxit Reader. Making a PDF from scratch, from a scanned document or from the clipboard is equally easy and straightforward. While the editor offers little advanced text or image formatting options, creating a document of average complexity presents no problems at all. And that’s because of the fresh, lightweight, and convenient user interface made in the popular ribbon style.

With its extended sharing capabilities, you can quickly drop a PDF into EverNote to access the document later from anywhere, or share its contents via Facebook and Twitter with a click. Foxit Reader has other advantages too. XFA-form filling, support for Microsoft RMA-protected files, the text-only view mode, a voice reader, digital signing (including imported and hand-drawn signatures), and electronic signing via DocuSign – taking into account that you get all of these for free, Foxit Reader is definitely an option to consider.

Simple, blazingly fast, functional – Foxit Reader is an excellent alternative to Adobe Reader.


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