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It’s hard to find a person today who wouldn’t know what Skype is. Indeed, the very word ‘skype’ has become a household name now. An extremely popular voice caller and video chat application, Skype enables free calls to other Skype IDs all over the world (for the price of Internet connection) and very affordable calls to mobile and stationary phones in any country.

Initially serving as a way to make cheap calls, Skype was quickly overgrown with many other communication capacities: video and voice conferences, instant messaging, call redirection, file transferring, voice mail and caller identification functions. The latest versions also feature neat Facebook integration and other social capabilities.

Skype functions on virtually any devices and is truly multiplatform. Whether you are running Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Symbian or Android – the program is ready to connect you with your friends, relatives and people you are eager to hear or to see. Skype is also available for PlayStation Vita and even some TVs.

The entry barrier for newcomers is extremely low thanks to the really intuitive yet functional interface, and wide potential and traditionally high call quality are in charge for keeping you with the program for a long happy time.

With Skype you can:

- Make free calls to any other Skype user

- Save a lot on calls to cellular and stationary phones

- Invite up to 25 people for group calls

- Initiate face to face video conversations with Skype and a webcam (or a compatible smartphone) only

- Start a family video chat or a business conference with up to 10 people

- Send instant text messages or SMS

- Transfer any files

- …and many more!

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