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Since Apple discontinued Safari for Windows, the version 5.1.7 remains the last one available for Windows, and therefore it lacks many new features of the new Safari 6. In spite of this, the browser still remains quite a piece of software you may want to take a look at.

In general, the whole browser functionality is more or less similar to that of all major players: IE, Firefox, and Chrome. The tabbed interface, a bookmark panel, security and browser settings – all look pretty much the same. Still, there are some differences as well. For instance, while most of modern colleagues allow you to type the search query directly into the address bar, Safari still has a separate search bar, while typing in the address bar searches for history. The search bar supports Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Another difference is the Reader mode available as a tiny button in the address bar. As you hold down this button, it switches the current page into the reader view, stripping away all unnecessary formatting and page content. Such an almost plaintext view is extremely convenient for reading articles and papers when you don’t want to be distracted, or for printing a page’s content leaving out informational garbage.

Now back to similarities. Safari extensions available from Adobe’s website provide many additional functions from advertising blocking and Facebook integration to bookmark manipulation and weather applets. Alas, since the Windows version of the browser isn’t officially supported anymore, it is hard to say whether those extensions will develop either.

The starting screen offers a set of frequently visited websites in a cool 3D look. Similarly, you can review and scroll through the browsing history.

Apple Safari for Windows implements a number of features to speed up browsing. One of them is domain prefetching which tries to find URLs on the page you’re on and preload them in the background. Even though it’s not the “yellow jersey” of the browser world, it is fast enough even on “heavy” pages. It also supports HTML5, including full-screen video playback and geolocation functions.

Sadly, Apple decided to abandon Safari for Windows, so all of the new cool features like iCloud tabs and better sharing and security pass by Windows users. But for now Safari 5.1.7 is still powerful enough to compete with the “big three”.


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