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Advanced SystemCare
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Today’s Internet is not only a place where you can find everything, but also a source of thousands of computer diseases of varying degrees of harmfulness and danger. This includes trojans, viruses, toolbars, spybots, malware, and hidden advertising. Catching at least one such illness affects your computer’s performance and puts you at even higher risks of losing your work and important data.

Advanced SystemCare aims to fix all these issues with just one precisely-targeted blow. This free application is surprisingly capable: It cleans the system registry, performs disk defragmentation, removes spyware and malware from your PC, and improves the performance of your system with its ActiveBoost technology.

Featuring a truly one-button interface, the program does it all in a single run - eliminates harmful software, optimizes the registry, maintains confidentiality of your browsing, removes unnecessary files, and boosts your Internet connection speed. Advanced users can also enjoy the Expert mode where every step of the process can be configured in accordance with individual preferences. Many of the built-in instruments allow you to perform cleaning, optimization, repair, and computer safety tasks for maximum efficiency. Disk and registry defragmentation, repairing of shortcuts, managing processes, RAM boosting – with such a toolbox you can tune-up your computer for ultra performance and safety!

The nice stylish interface looks awesome. It isn’t overloaded with functions, and thanks to the beginner’s mode, even a rookie user can hardly do anything wrong. And even if he does, the undo feature of Advanced SystemCare will quickly get the things sorted out. Functional, easy to use, and free, this application is definitely a must. If your PC starts bogging down, download Advanced SystemCare, refresh your computer, and enjoy that new computer feeling again!


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