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Glary Utilities
Glarysoft Ltd
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Even among the best system care tools on the market, Glary Utilities by Glarysoft looks very good. Indeed, encompassing a wide range of the most useful Windows maintenance procedures, it provides a one-stop answer to all performance and security questions. It cleans the PC from junk files, optimizes memory, boosts startup of the OS, fixes registry errors, and resolves a lot of other issues any Windows user periodically faces.

The interface of the program is extremely straightforward. A basic window has all maintenance tools split between 3 tabs: Status, One-Click Maintenance, and Modules. The first one displays the current status of the system. The One-Click Maintenance tab runs a scan for problematic areas on your computer, and the third tab gives access to the individual tools of the package.

One-Click Maintenance is one-click indeed. As soon as the system scan finishes, Glary Utilities displays the total number of discovered problems in each category. Of course, you can review the details before fixing the issues. In particular, the scan attempts to find missing and erroneous registry keys, broken links, and shortcuts. It also cleans your temporary files and traces left from your Internet activity. Again, all these problems can be fixed with a single click once the program detects them.

While specialized software sometimes performs better, an all-in-one toolbox is much more convenient. Instead of switching between several tools and trying to avoid conflicts between them, you have a universal helper to fix almost any problem in a snap. Think of how much cash you could spend on separate tools doing file and registry cleaning, registry defragmentation, uninstalling programs, optimizing the start up process, and more! Not to mention the built-in file shredder and tracks eraser to keep your privacy secured, duplicate file finder and advanced undelete to manage unnecessary files and restore crucial but mistakenly erased ones, and the spyware removal tool.

Glary Utilities is free, and that explains its desire to install additional software on your computer, which you may not want at the moment. However, aside from that, we didn’t notice any drawbacks or limitations of the program.

Glary Utilities is a well-composed and brilliantly-designed piece of software intended to resolve many computer problems in one go. The one-click approach is nice for those who just want things done fast, yet the utility is also ready to provide modules to deal with any particular problem individually. A definite recommendation!

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