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Virus protection is an extremely important part of PC maintenance and neglecting it may cause serious losses, if not damages, to your work and important data. Delegating your security to improper software is unacceptable. AVG Antivirus, a tool acclaimed by over 140 million users all over the world, delivers total protection to your system starting from finding and eliminating viral activity and preventing malicious software from harming your computer to Internet and e-mail protection from all kinds of threats.

The hallmark of this antivirus is the key principle it is based on – fluent protection; that is, protection that doesn’t cause your system to slow down. In particular, background updates, run-time checks, and scheduled scans receive higher priority when the system is idle and are put into first gear when the computer is actively being used. Such a performance control system ensures firm protection and smooth gaming at the same time, with no hang ups or staggering.

AVG’s smart scan technology also contributes to excellent scan speed. Briefly, this function reads file chunks in the order they are found on the disk, not in the directory tree. For us, simple users, this means the overall scan performance is way above average compared to other antivirus software.

Another point of interest in AVG is a reputation system – the option usually available in paid solutions only. The system refers to the cloud database made up of user’s anonymous contributions regarding the behavior of certain applications that AVG detects. If a certain file is known as safe, the program scans it once and rescans only if it is changed.

Alongside fast-paced virus protection and malware detection mechanisms, AVG Antivirus also detects harmful dynamic code, rootkits, and fake antiviruses. Functional and swift, this antivirus tool is an excellent replacement for your current security solution, if you are unsatisfied with its working speed.


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